WPF-UK International OPEN CUP (Qualification for the WPF MR. UNIVERSE in Brussels, Belgium 11th November 2018) SUNDAY 7th OCTOBER 2018 CLUB 99 173 TAT BANK ROAD B694NH OLDBURY SANDWELL CHECK-IN FROM 10:00AM-12.00AM PRE JUDGING & SHOW 2:00PM ENTRY FEE : Prepaid 20£ Pay to door 30£ TICKETS 15£- CHILDREN-UP 16 FOR FREE To Apply please send your details: *Full name *Adress *Category *Weight and your height to an email adress : OFFICIAL CLASS CRITERIA BODYBUILDING MEN: BB Men up to 70kg. BB Men up to 80kg. BB Men up to 90kg. BB Men up to 100kg BB Men over 100kg. BB OPEN DISABLED MASTERS +40 MASTERS +50 BB JUNIOR up to 23 years old MEN PHYSIQUE: -up to 1.75 (height -100)+2kg -between 1.751- 1.80m (height -100)+3kg -over 1.80m (height -100)+4kg and JUNIOR up to 23 years old BB CLASSIC: BB Classic OVER 1.80m BB Classic BETWEEN 1.75m-1.80m BB Classic UP TO 1.75m THE CLASSIFICATION FOR BB Classic UP TO 1.75 + 3% OVER 1.75 + 5% (example- height 1.73m, max weight (73+3%) WOMEN: Ms BIKINI MODEL- dress/bikini Ms BIKINI FITNESS- dress/bikini Ms FIGURE FITNESS HARD Ms FIGURE FITNESS SOFT For more information contact +48660778485 +447480991769